Meaning of house wine in English:

house wine

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mass noun
  • Wine that is bought in bulk and sold at a special price by a restaurant, bar, hotel, etc.

    ‘we ordered a bottle of house wine’
    • ‘the list starts off with the house wines’
    • ‘I'd ordered a glass of semi-sweet house wine that was undrinkable.’
    • ‘Hotels charge corkage for opening and serving the wine, which invariably means it costs the same as the house wine.’
    • ‘The wine had become unbearable, and the waiter suggested the house wine.’
    • ‘The drink prices were ridiculous and the house wine was disgusting.’
    • ‘I had three courses and two glasses of house wine.’
    • ‘She gave me a lecture about how I mustn't have a house wine and must keep trying different things.’
    • ‘We sat down and ordered a litre of house wine — white, of course.’
    • ‘I believe that the house-wine should be a reflection of all that is good in an establishment.’
    • ‘We were not shown a wine list, but told house wine was available in red or white.’
    • ‘The house wines are good, and the white properly chilled, at reasonable prices.’