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Pronunciation /ˈhaʊsˌkiːpɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1The management of household affairs.

    ‘I took care of the housekeeping and cooked most of the meals’
    • ‘Hospital management was simply good housekeeping.’
    • ‘They stopped being taught things like ironing, housekeeping, serving.’
    • ‘They prided themselves on their industriousness and housekeeping without servants.’
    • ‘This column, like its predecessors, devoted some space to fashion tips and general good housekeeping.’
    • ‘She has trained young, aspiring hospital and old age home managers in housekeeping, specializing in cooking.’
    • ‘She had to organise cleaning and housekeeping for residents.’
    • ‘I think housekeeping is closely linked to homemaking.’
    • ‘I am able to stay at home while both my parents work; I help them with housekeeping and some cooking.’
    • ‘Still, if it wasn't for the team, we would only be pestering our partners or getting on with the decorating and housekeeping!’
    • ‘She was in her 90th year but insisted on doing her own baking and housekeeping.’
    • ‘The facility will provide 24-hour staffing, assistance with medication, housekeeping, laundry, meal service and exercise and activity programs.’
    household management, domestic work, domestic duties, homemaking, the running of the home
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    1. 1.1Money set aside or given for running a household.
      ‘writing barely pays my part of the housekeeping’
      • ‘Lot of people would say to me oh, I'm saving up my little extra housekeeping money just to come and spend here because there is no sales tax.’
      • ‘Rather insultingly he left housekeeping money for me and my sister - with the strict instruction that I wasn't allowed anywhere near it.’
      • ‘Plastic bars will come down to split the house in two, with those in the rich part given £400 housekeeping money and access to better living conditions.’
      • ‘By referring to an allowance to cover the expenses of the home, it appears to cover only money handed over to a wife for weekly housekeeping.’
      • ‘She wants around 10,000 baht every month and honestly I am having trouble saving this amount out of the housekeeping money each month.’
      • ‘What about the stress it causes to his partner and family when he has gambled away the housekeeping money!’
      • ‘Relations between the two are frosty, because George makes a bit too free with the housekeeping money, but they always end up in bed together.’
      • ‘My Thai wife has started being very secretive about the housekeeping money.’
      • ‘The policy covers 80 per cent of costs such as childcare, housekeeping, cooking, ironing and transport after the first 30 days.’
      • ‘These publications made the mother of three float through her daily chores, burn the dinner, overcook the peas, but more important, enabled her to supplement the housekeeping.’
      • ‘This horse will start at prohibitive odds for the race and though he should win without too much fuss he is not one to risk the housekeeping on.’
      • ‘He handed over the housekeeping every Friday night and kept some back to run his struggling, one-man business.’
      • ‘He pays all the bills except the housekeeping, as he has a good salary.’
      • ‘Twelve-year-old Robert's mum went off on holiday leaving the housekeeping with him and his younger siblings.’
      • ‘What the examiners have done here is to take three issues of property rights, i.e. common funds, gifts, housekeeping allowances, and weave a separate story around each.’
      • ‘The father in the family as a rule made most of the decisions about expenditure, although a lot of women were given a housekeeping allowance and allowed to decide how that would be budgeted.’
      • ‘Conversely joint-pool couples are most likely to agree that responsibility for breadwinning and housework should be shared and those adopting a housekeeping allowance system are least likely to agree.’
      • ‘The woman had made no direct payments towards the cost of acquisition, but had paid for furnishings, bought a car and contributed to housekeeping expenses.’
  • 2Operations such as maintenance or record-keeping which facilitate productive work in an organization.

    ‘Risks may stem from design, manufacture, maintenance, storage, housekeeping, or a lack of user competence.’
    • ‘Hydraulic systems will make or break a modern logging operation, and as the experts tell us, much of it depends on your maintenance regime and housekeeping.’
    • ‘Control channels are responsible for housekeeping tasks such as telling the mobile when a call is coming in and which frequency to use.’
    • ‘The key maintenance areas to making sure any elevator operates best are housekeeping, repair, lubrication and adjustment, Bell says.’
    • ‘In addition, the process makes the job easier and allows better housekeeping and maintenance.’
    • ‘Again, start with some simple automation of the most regular housekeeping tasks, and then build in more automation as the processes mature.’
    • ‘For example, an organization might out-task facility preventive maintenance, housekeeping or engineering.’
    • ‘Good housekeeping and managing the risk will secure a better deal.’
    • ‘Besides improving its own agricultural housekeeping, Punjab must immediately demand from the Centre the following.’
    • ‘Before we go any further, some administrative housekeeping demands immediate attention.’
    • ‘Meat outlets should be directed to cut down their waste generation by adopting good housekeeping practices.’
    • ‘Zoning's legal defense relied upon the same faith in middle-class domesticity that supported municipal housekeeping.’
    • ‘Lately we've been doing a lot of housekeeping at our publishing offices.’
    • ‘In 1988, after twenty years with the journal, Alice performed that final ritual of office housekeeping.’
    • ‘Operations means everything from accounting to sales to front desk to housekeeping, and Priti Patel has done it all.’
    • ‘All entries were judged on the basis of customer service, merchandising, housekeeping, health & safety and management systems.’
    • ‘But LEAs should play the same role of assuring good housekeeping by heads as they did helping schools to improve, the Commission concluded.’
    • ‘There is an obvious lack of good housekeeping in that the building has been left to fall into such a state of disrepair.’
    • ‘Allen, one of television's most powerful men - and rewarded as such, with a package approaching £1.9 million - has had little time lately for office housekeeping.’
    • ‘We are still in the early stages and there is not a real panic - we just need good housekeeping.’
    1. 2.1Biology The regulation of metabolic functions that are common to all cells.
      as modifier ‘housekeeping genes’
      • ‘Many cancers result from the acquisition of mutations in a family of genes called oncogenes, which normally serve important housekeeping functions for our cells.’
      • ‘One simple criterion for a developmental mutation is embryonic lethality, but this also catches mutations in genes involved in housekeeping functions.’
      • ‘So far in this review we have described epigenetic housekeeping functions and their involvement in genome stability.’
      • ‘Genes of interest were printed in duplicate along with non-specific genes (plasmid c-DNA) and housekeeping genes were used for normalization purposes.’
      • ‘Because it is misshapen, the protein is destroyed by the cell's housekeeping machinery and never gets to its intended location in the cell membrane.’