Meaning of houseman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaʊsmən/

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another term for house officer
‘Research shows a high level of mistakes made by certifiers at all levels of doctors, from housemen to consultants and including GPs.’
  • ‘The health service grew up in the tradition of autonomous consultants who could refer to ‘my patients, my registrar, my houseman, and my beds.’’
  • ‘Eventually I was offered a post by a consultant physician to serve as his junior houseman in another of his hospitals.’
  • ‘As a houseman in a hospital in Wales, I once had to tell a wife, in her early 30s, that her husband had just died.’
  • ‘The houseman is in the middle of a ward round with my specialist registrar, and, since I am going past the x ray department on my way to a ward visit, I decide to drop the MRI request in to the radiologists.’
  • ‘Dr Bolton had not been at the interview when I was appointed, but the ward sister and the houseman assured me that he was a nice person.’
  • ‘My diabetes has brought me and my wife many problems, especially when I was a junior houseman during the time when you would be doing 120 hours a week.’
  • ‘The last time I had experienced a death at such close quarters was many years ago as a houseman, but then I was not so personally involved.’
  • ‘After graduating, he worked as a houseman in Liverpool and in Wrexham before being called up for army service.’
  • ‘Having to keep going while containing my own feelings and preserving empathy reminded me of shifts as a houseman.’
  • ‘The houseman had the two patients in two adjacent beds on his ward, and both made a good recovery.’
  • ‘He graduated in 1970, becoming a houseman at Pontefract General Infirmary in west Yorkshire, before joining his first practice in Todmorden, in the Pennines.’
  • ‘I recall an anaesthetist in a teaching hospital laying claim to ‘the most perfect oesophagus’ he had ever seen, and demanding of the houseman that this request be passed on to Pathology.’
  • ‘Thus, the standard is not just that of the averagely competent and well-informed junior houseman (or whatever the position of the doctor) but of such a person who fills a post in a unit offering a highly specialised service.’
another term for houseboy
‘A clearing of his throat, a tug on his overcoat, and Christopher followed Paul up the stairs and into the front parlor, helped from his overcoat and hat by the familiar face of the elderly houseman Joseph.’
  • ‘Black billed Hollinger for the cost of numerous personal household staff-including chefs, senior butlers, butlers, under-butlers, chauffeurs, housemen, footmen and security personnel.’
  • ‘In our own house in Freetown our houseman, Abu, walked all the way from to Koidu to Freetown, a total of over 200 miles, after the rebels came and burned his boutiques and house.’
  • ‘George Davis was left with six cats, a disagreeable parrot and an Austrian houseman whom George allowed to steal from him because he brought him orange juice in bed.’
  • ‘The training program helped him secure a job at the Rose Hotel in Vancouver as a houseman.’