Meaning of housemate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaʊsmeɪt/

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  • A person who shares a house with others.

    ‘Stu enters and makes some snide comment about the intimacy that his housemates share.’
    • ‘Failing to win the support of his housemates, Mike descends from the roof, giving Clair a nasty shock in the process.’
    • ‘He remains with the six other housemates for at least another week.’
    • ‘Again, a student starts to feel trapped, and they're in a house where they don't get on with their housemates.’
    • ‘Soon, perhaps, entire sentences will be uttered without the inclusion of housemates ' names.’
    • ‘They've taken two similar housemates and pitted them against each other.’
    • ‘A 20 year old second year was found dead in his bed by shocked housemates last Monday.’
    • ‘Jade has few redeeming qualities and her housemates have at last become aware of her bitchiness and backbiting.’
    • ‘Although the theories abounded as to why he wasn't there, the rest of the housemates got on with their little lives.’
    • ‘When it came time to choose replacements I will admit that the housemates and I were somewhat lax in our vetting.’
    • ‘At this stage in the game the housemates are still feeling their way, positioning themselves for the long haul.’
    • ‘This way, I think, I might have gone through a three week period without seeing any of my housemates.’
    • ‘The picture will get much clearer at 9pm tonight, when the housemates meet for the first time.’
    • ‘The amount of alcohol that was lined up for the housemates was obscene.’
    • ‘The man staggered back to his home leaving a trail of blood and from there one of his housemates rang an ambulance.’
    • ‘Her caustic, waspish comments on the other housemates were biting and bitchy, but always spot on.’
    • ‘My only current problem is getting all the bill money for this house from my housemates before everyone moves.’
    • ‘And in turn my two other housemates have a routine, so collectively we have our routine.’
    • ‘My housemates all thought this was hilarious when I told them later, it took me some time to see the funny side.’
    • ‘Kellie read out a number of statements from Joe's housemates and classmates from Preston.’