Meaning of houseowner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaʊsəʊnə/


  • A person who owns a house, especially the house in which they live.

    ‘Reports are also rising of houseowners with expensive cars being threatened with guns at their homes.’
    • ‘Many local houseowners have made a killing converting their flats into such apartments.’
    • ‘The burglar, who had broken in through a downstairs window, then forced the wife of the houseowner to look for money.’
    • ‘Donnell, director of research at Savills, said houseowners were being squeezed by rising council tax, fuel bills, and mortgage payments.’
    • ‘Negative equity may also affect some houseowners and if this is accompanied by unemployment, the effects will be serious.’
    • ‘Houseowners and shopkeepers in the town would be given suggestions to ensure the safety of their premises.’
    • ‘The stolen car was found in the garage, and items belonging to its owner were found in the houseowner's bedroom.’
    • ‘No one has ever liked paying taxes and houseowners employed various stratagems to avoid the Window Tax.’
    • ‘Reports said that the houseowner and several others have been picked up for interrogation.’
    • ‘Even a houseowner has to have permission to prune trees above three metres in diameter.’
    inhabitant, local