Meaning of housewifery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaʊswɪf(ə)ri/


See housewife

‘She turned her attention to the domestic work of housewifery, besides continuing her literary efforts at revising her writings.’
  • ‘The latter proclaims that it educates future leaders in a noble tradition when in fact it ushers future leaders' wives into the art of housewifery.’
  • ‘People, mostly women, felt suddenly obliged to ignite their creativity with their housewifery.’
  • ‘She ate and drank the same things on a weekly cycle, observing the economies and the details of good housewifery.’
  • ‘They have no education, no taste for reading, no housewifery, nor indeed any earthly occupation, but that of dressing their hair, and adorning their bodies.’