Meaning of housework in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaʊswəːk/

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mass noun
  • Regular work done in housekeeping, especially cleaning and tidying.

    ‘I was busy doing housework when the doorbell rang’
    • ‘There's only so much newsworthiness you can get out of laundry, cleaning, cooking, and housework.’
    • ‘Even daily activities such as general housework or playing with your kids can be a good opportunity to boost your fitness levels.’
    • ‘In my experience, it would seem that the biggest problem facing new mothers is not housework but a general sense of isolation.’
    • ‘We're generally taught that housework is a menial, even demeaning task.’
    • ‘Researchers in Britain have found there is no evidence that housework has any health benefits.’
    • ‘When the question is broadened to satisfaction with job or housework, a similar pattern obtains.’
    • ‘There was also an improvement in satisfaction in the share-out of housework and childcare.’
    • ‘After lunch, I have to fulfil my daily quota of three hours' housework.’
    • ‘She spends her days drawing, leaving Stan to tend to the kids and housework.’
    • ‘In her memory, her grandma was always busy with housework from early morning.’
    • ‘She says she goes back home with amusing anecdotes about the day - and housework doesn't take over her life.’
    • ‘I got away with doing very little housework.’
    • ‘Even the seemingly laborious housework became enjoyable when there was no time pressure.’
    • ‘My hip hurts a lot from all the housework today.’
    • ‘She had finished a 16-hour shift at work and had to do three hours of housework.’