Meaning of housey-housey in English:



(also housie-housie)
old-fashioned term for bingo
‘The non-stop spot prizes, raffles, and housie-housie really kept the crowd in top gear all the day.’
  • ‘Memories of those days not only include the garden parties, but also housie-housie before a film show in the old Church Hall on the hill.’
  • ‘In that period the game was known as tombola, housey-housey or lotto.’
  • ‘Needless to say, these measures were generally foiled by the watchfulness of the soldiery; so poker, pontoon, crown-and - anchor and the like continued to flourish, along with housie-housie.’
  • ‘Other than dances, sundowners, whist drives, ‘trook’ sessions, and housie-housie, there were concerts from time to time.’



/haʊsɪˈhaʊsi/ /həʊzɪˈhəʊzi/