Meaning of housing association in English:

housing association

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  • A non-profit organization that rents houses and flats to people on low incomes or with particular needs.

    ‘No bids are put in for government schemes for new council properties, nor for HCA funding for housing association developments.’
    • ‘By the age of 15 years old Thomas was back with his Mother in a new home provided by a housing association.’
    • ‘The developer is Homes for Change Housing Cooperative in partnership with the Guinness Trust housing association.’
    • ‘Bury's prospective new owner could be a 71-year-old church organist who lives in housing association accommodation in Horwich.’
    • ‘The government has been pushing "stock transfer" of council housing - handing homes to private housing associations.’
    • ‘Tenants on the Havelock estate, west London, have voted against the transfer of their council homes to a housing association.’
    • ‘For most, the only affordable option would be rented council or housing association homes.’
    • ‘With the number of properties we are selling, we can't make up the deficit with housing association properties.’
    • ‘She has, at least, managed to clamber on to the London housing ladder - though only with the help of a housing association.’
    • ‘His wife, Tami, 33, who was a director and secretary of the housing association, was jailed for six months.’
    • ‘A former aid worker in Sudan, he now works as Development Officer for a well-established housing association.’
    • ‘All types of housing needed to be increased, she said, social housing, private housing and greater stock for housing associations too.’
    • ‘Professionals such as planners, roads engineers, urban designers, building company representatives and housing association staff attended.’
    • ‘They had held office in trade unions, community associations, the Ulster Unionist party, and housing associations.’
    • ‘Under the Housing Act tenants were also allowed to opt out of local authority control and form their own housing associations.’
    • ‘Ninety thousand homes are to be taken out of council ownership and handed over to a tenant-led housing association.’
    • ‘Measures can be taken to help the situation, such as the use of housing associations and private developers building affordable houses.’
    • ‘The project also includes housing for rent and shared ownership aimed at key workers, to be let or managed through partner housing associations.’
    • ‘The service will be guided by information provided by the St Mungo's organisation, a homeless agency and housing association based in London.’
    • ‘Housing associations are not private landlords.’