Meaning of housing benefit in English:

housing benefit

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mass nounBritish
  • Regular payment made by the state to help those on low incomes pay for rented accommodation.

    ‘the claimant is entitled to housing benefit’
    • ‘delays caused anxiety for hundreds of people waiting for housing benefits’
    • ‘If David pays rent and his income and savings are sufficiently low he may get housing benefit.’
    • ‘I have to pay my rent as my housing benefit can't be worked out because I have not yet received an award notice.’
    • ‘Overpayment means any amount which has been paid by way of housing benefit and to which there was no entitlement.’
    • ‘If the income of a person on housing benefit goes up or down, with the result that that person is entitled to less or more benefit, a different amount of benefit is payable without any fresh claim having been made.’
    • ‘The centre, established 20 years ago, has a crèche and helps people with everything from housing benefits to household bills.’
    • ‘They need to improve their housing benefits service and current plans for housing are insufficient to meet the rising need for affordable housing locally.’
    • ‘After his visit to the housing benefits office, he was optimistic.’
    • ‘Local authorities pay enormous housing benefit to landlords.’
    • ‘Many people get into arrears because they do not realise they are eligible for housing benefit or have wrongly filled in application forms.’
    • ‘When we receive the housing benefit for the tenant, as with all rental money, it's passed on to the landlord.’