Meaning of housing stock in English:

housing stock


mass noun
  • The houses and flats in a particular country, city, etc.

    ‘public housing stock in the Scottish industrial cities’
    • ‘the existing UK housing stock’
    • ‘They can add much needed housing stock and complement the existing environment.’
    • ‘The town has smaller housing stock and a longer coastline.’
    • ‘I went to the website to book a B&B, but what I didn't expect to find was over half the town's housing stock available to stay in on daily rates.’
    • ‘Old housing stock is replaced or reinvigorated.’
    • ‘The documentary examines the development of a new architecture associated with the expansion of the service economy and the dilapidation of Britain's older housing stock.’
    • ‘He was at once inspired to renovate the housing stock and launch businesses in South Philadelphia.’
    • ‘This more rapid deterioration of the housing stock means that new housing is usually added through in situ succession or infilling.’
    • ‘"The mayor's priorities are raising per capita income, improving housing stock, as well as public safety, government efficiency, and literacy," she said.’
    • ‘As the housing stock of the surrounding streets has become more sought after, there is a strong demand for all sorts of shops and services.’
    • ‘The biggest gap in the Irish housing stock is in the area of private rented accommodation.’