Meaning of hovertrain in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɒvətreɪn/


  • A train that travels on a cushion of air.

    ‘In 1959 he persuaded ministers to invest £5.25 million in a high speed hovertrain but in 1973 the scheme was cancelled.’
    • ‘There are full size transport items, including railway vehicles, hovertrains and a car.’
    • ‘In my story, at one point, the heroes are on a hovertrain and there is another hovertrain behind them, piloted by the villain.’
    • ‘After years of calculations and plans, a British company is beginning to translate its ideas for a 250 mph hovertrain into concrete and metal.’
    • ‘Early versions of the hovertrain rested on a cushion of air, like a hovercraft that travels over sea or land, but later ones could levitate.’