Meaning of how's that? in English:

how's that?


  • 1What is your opinion of that?

    ‘how's that for stereotypical thinking?’
    • ‘How's that for saving memory?’
    • ‘How's That For Customer Service!’
    • ‘Maybe I won't give you any dessert, how's that?’
    • ‘I adjusted the sign a bit more and asked, ‘how's that?‘’
    • ‘Okay, well I'll page him and then send him straight to you, how's that?’
  • 2Cricket
    Is the batsman out or not? (said to an umpire).

    ‘"How's that"? Asks James Hazzledine for Collingham.’
    • ‘Appeals of "How's that?" to the umpire are usually made when the fielding side think that a batsman is out lbw, or caught behind the wicket by the wicketkeeper, or stumped or run out.’