Meaning of how the land lies in English:

how the land lies


  • What the situation is.

    ‘let's keep it to ourselves until we see how the land lies’
    • ‘Just to see how the land lies, I approached Dave Linley, who has been given the job of looking after the spare tickets.’
    • ‘Your response counts, because it tells them, and the BBC how the land lies.’
    • ‘Let's see how the land lies after Grafton Street opens, OK?’
    • ‘He's had a hand in one long-standing magazine and one that went under, so he seemed like the perfect person to show me how the land lies in the magazine world.’
    • ‘You know what you're doing here, you know how the land lies.’
    the facts, the details, the particulars, the picture, how things stand, the lie of the land, how the land lies, the case