Meaning of howlingly in English:



See howling

as submodifier ‘the film is as as howlingly funny as it is touching’
  • ‘This howlingly, gobsmackingly awful mess bears only too clearly the imprint of its co-producer, who makes a smirking cameo appearance.’
  • ‘Naturally the job goes howlingly wrong, but Frenchy's cookies, initially set up as a front, become a howling success.’
  • ‘This year's fringe was the usual mixture of the hilarious and the howlingly bad.’
  • ‘But to dismiss the art as unfashionably regionalist does not do justice to some fine works and a vision that testifies quietly, skilfully to this big, wide and howlingly silent land.’
  • ‘I haven't heard such howlingly bad dialogue in a long while.’