Meaning of hoya in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɔɪə/


  • A climbing or sprawling evergreen shrub with ornamental foliage and waxy flowers, native to SE Asia and the Pacific and grown as a greenhouse or indoor plant.

    Genus Hoya, family Asclepiadaceae

    ‘Less vigorous a climber, but with equally intriguing pale pink flowers is the hoya, one of the easiest vines to grow in a pot.’
    • ‘He enjoys his climbing hoya and the photo of his enormous cabbage.’
    • ‘Other house plants to enjoy growing this way include wandering Jew, hoya, English ivy, trailing philodendron, Hawaiian ti, and, of course, lucky bamboo.’
    • ‘As is typical for member of the milkweed family, the hoya exudes a sticky sap if cut or damaged.’


Modern Latin, named after Thomas Hoy (c1750–c1821), English gardener.