Meaning of Hoyle in English:


Pronunciation /hɔɪl/


‘So today, play by the rules and live your life according to Hoyle.’
  • ‘The Ethics Commission, you'll recall, is the 10-year-old agency that decides whether the activities - particularly those involving campaign money - of the city's 18 elected officials are played according to Hoyle.’
  • ‘Appoint some FBI lady to make sure things are done according to Hoyle.’
  • ‘Let's see if that boy has got shooting down according to Hoyle.’
  • ‘If all had gone according to Hoyle, as you say, your client would have gone by now.’


    according to Hoyle
    • According to plan or the rules.

      • ‘legally you can argue that it's all according to Hoyle’


Early 20th century from the name of Edmond Hoyle (1672–1769), English writer on card games.