Meaning of Hubbard squash in English:

Hubbard squash

Pronunciation /ˈhʌbəd/


  • A winter squash with a green or yellow rind and yellow flesh.

    ‘Buttercups, various Hubbard squashes and giant prize-winning pumpkins belong to Cucurbita maxima.’
    • ‘Properly matured Hubbard squash have very hard shells and will store for long periods.’
    • ‘However, spaghetti squash has a shorter storage life of two months and Hubbard squashes can be kept for up to six months.’
    • ‘Lorne Fitts, master gardener, adjusts the irrigation system for his Delicata and Hubbard squashes at the community garden.’
    • ‘Thus, squash bugs are most damaging on summer squash and zucchini, pumpkin and Hubbard squash.’
    • ‘Avoid Hubbard squash that are soft or have bruises or mold.’
    • ‘Some Hubbard squashes have a dark orange exterior and then there's the famous blue Hubbard squash which is gray in exterior but still orange on the inside.’
    • ‘My Lakota Hubbard squashes seem to be having an issue with blossom-end rot.’
    • ‘Other members of the maxima group are Hubbard squashes, banana squashes, buttercup squashes and turban squashes - in short, most autumn and winter squash.’
    • ‘Kabocha and Hubbard squashes are suitable replacements for the pumpkin. and Fontina Serves 6 as an appetizer or 4 as a main course’
    • ‘One grower, who was not interested in marketing Blue Hubbard squash, pulled the trap crop plants when the main crop was in bloom to avoid interspecies competition.’
    • ‘I have never had Hubbard squashes pruned into such artistic shapes as that year.’
    • ‘They average five to ten pounds, and have been developed from the American Hubbard squashes, resulting in a similarity to the Golden Hubbards.’
    • ‘What would you suggest doing with the two enormous Hubbard squashes in the garden?’
    • ‘A perimeter trap crop of Blue Hubbard squash can be used to protect summer squash from low to moderate populations of striped and spotted cucumber beetles and squash vine borers.’