Meaning of Hubble classification in English:

Hubble classification


  • A simple method of describing the shapes of galaxies, using subdivisions of each of four basic types (elliptical, spiral, barred spiral, and irregular). Hubble's suggestion that they form an evolutionary sequence is no longer accepted.

    ‘Come the 1960s, an American astronomer named Halton C. Arp became the champion of galaxies that did not fit the simple Hubble classification scheme.’
    • ‘Our ultimate goal is to replace the Hubble classification method with a new Spitzer classification method.’
    • ‘Practice in using Hubble classification system as an example of how scientists classify objects in nature.’
    • ‘An objective test of the Hubble classification can be performed using the quantitative parameters described above.’
    • ‘This is the system generally used if the Hubble classification system in insufficient.’