Meaning of hubcap in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌbkap/

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  • A metal or plastic cover for the hub of a motor vehicle's wheel.

    ‘There's wide variety of designs for the wheels including its wheel covers and hubcaps; each can fit every personality of a car enthusiast.’
    • ‘When reinstalling the wheel cover, use extreme care not to break or bend the retention clips, especially when it comes to hubcaps with plastic clips.’
    • ‘The wheel area and hubcaps can be painted or non-painted, and be made of a variety of different materials.’
    • ‘Wheel covers are commonly mixed up with hubcaps.’
    • ‘Others may opt for illuminated automobile hubcaps, which are internally lit, allowing a bright flash of style to customize any car.’
    • ‘Absent are oft-used automotive motifs such as cars, wheels, and hubcaps.’
    • ‘Nearly any hubcap of the correct size will fit any standard steel wheel that will take a hubcap.’
    • ‘The sleek lines, driver's side mirror, and moulded plastic hubcaps present an image more like the chariot of some ancient mechanical god than a compact sedan.’
    • ‘You know the wheel that my hubcap went missing from the other week?’
    • ‘The other players in the taxi advertising field place ‘New York boxes’ on the roof of cabs, use non-rotational vehicle hubcaps and wrap the advertising around the body of the car.’
    • ‘I was laughing to myself that it was only a matter of time before it punctured a tyre on a car, when a bus drove over the hubcap and send it flying out from under the rear wheels.’
    • ‘The damage was two rims beyond repair, two tyres damaged, two hubcaps damaged and the suspension damaged.’
    • ‘You'll often come in and find someone has pinched the hubcaps or the wiper blades off the sales vehicles.’
    • ‘In the old days eye-candy items such as a coachwork paint line or chrome hubcaps were the great standby, not to mention the vinyl roof.’
    • ‘It was really no surprise as the row houses had a huddled look to them and the only car on the street had spider web cracks over the windshield and was missing a hubcap.’
    • ‘Don't reinvent the wheel, just put on a new hubcap.’
    • ‘The floor mats have also accumulated their share of dirt and crumbs, the paint job and hubcaps have a few minor road dings, and the dashboard is dusty.’
    • ‘The explosion caused several vehicle parts such as the radiator and hubcaps to be thrown 40 meters away.’
    • ‘The reserve was littered with old car tyres, hubcaps, couches, and up-ended shopping trolleys.’
    • ‘Anyway, the hose led over and attached to the center of the hubcap on the rear tire on that side.’