Meaning of hubristic in English:


Pronunciation /h(j)uːˈbrɪstɪk/


  • Excessively proud or self-confident.

    ‘a hubristic belief in his own self-proclaimed genius’
    • ‘It is dangerously ambitious, if not outright hubristic, to use Homer's poem about the rage of Achilles as your source.’
    • ‘His decision to specify something bigger, better or more daring than the norm was logical, not hubristic: he believed it would result in a faster, safer, smoother-running railway.’
    • ‘In its war on the press, this hubristic administration may finally have crossed a bridge too far.’
    • ‘Turning the world upside down is a dangerous, hubristic aim.’
    • ‘I thought this celebration might be a tad hasty and hubristic as there were still two cards to come.’
    • ‘They are missing the fact that his dream was so hubristic as to be delusional.’
    • ‘The likelihood of suffering tragedy increases with a hubristic belief that we have everything under control.’
    • ‘This offers a window into the corporate record industry's hubristic faith in endless growth.’
    • ‘It would be hubristic for any critic to think he is absolutely right and the mainstream record-buying public are absolutely wrong.’
    • ‘The administration's hubristic foreign policy has been efficiently exposed as based on nothing more than hallucination.’