Meaning of hula hoop in English:

hula hoop

(also hula-hoop)

Pronunciation /ˈhuːləhuːp/

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  • A large hoop spun round the body by gyrating the hips, for play or exercise.

    ‘You've got the Heavy Hoop, a three-pound hula hoop designed by a personal trainer.’
    • ‘But it's like asking people in plastics research why the hula hoop was successful.’
    • ‘Like the yo-yo, the hula hoop, and the Mohican haircut, vehicle fads come and go.’
    • ‘Choose a toy you remember from your childhood - such as a hula hoop, wooden airplane, or red wagon.’
    • ‘The hula hoop, the pet rock, the gaudy light-up millennium-commemorating T-shirt: One day's treasure, tomorrow's thrift store trash.’
    • ‘Now the camera is looking up at the man, focussed on his crotch as he rhythmically rotates his hips to keep the hula hoop in motion.’
    • ‘It's enormous, like a stainless-steel hula hoop.’
    • ‘But Gill hasn't got a hula hoop, nor does he even need one.’
    • ‘While I was gone, my son sprouted two more teeth and learned to pull himself up in his crib and my daughter learned to do the hula hoop.’
    • ‘But I rather like my body image, and I reckon I would be sorted if I just got a hula hoop to firm up my stomach muscles.’
    • ‘Her performance specialty is the hula hoop and she's also a fire dancer.’
    • ‘He began running around the bases, which were a lawn chair, a bush, a hula hoop, and a tree.’
    • ‘Boffins have transformed the humble hula hoop into the must-have leisure accessory of the new millennium.’
    • ‘Rick shrugged and continued throwing the hula hoop to a guy May had never seen before.’
    • ‘Yes, I do know how to use a Hula-Hoop the right way - though I'm not too good at it!’


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  • Spin a hula hoop round the body by gyrating the hips.

    ‘two young women hula-hooped to the infectious rhythms of the music’
    • ‘She was the amateur video gamer who won millions of YouTube fans by hula hooping.’
    • ‘She swung her hips in what looked like a parody of an uncoordinated child learning to hula-hoop.’
    • ‘We had a good time, there was lots of hula hooping.’
    • ‘Indeed, almost every American fad from hula hooping to hang gliding had its Japanese supporters.’
    • ‘This is a pronounced trend, a fad, like hula hooping.’
    • ‘We've all tried to hula-hoop at some time or another.’
    • ‘On the screen which fills the back wall, five men, seen from above, are swiveling their hips and hula hooping.’
    • ‘Children ran around hula hooping across the grounds.’
    • ‘Hula hooping would occupy our youngsters for hours.’
    • ‘Staff and customers at a Swindon pub have limbo danced and hula hooped their way to raising cash for a local hospice.’
    • ‘The First Lady was hula hooping on the south lawn of the White House.’
    • ‘But I rather like my body image, and I reckon I would be sorted if I just got hula hooping to firm up my stomach muscles.’
    • ‘The girl in the next scene wowed the crowd with her hula-hooping, keeping the hoop going even as she undressed.’
    • ‘Holly does some hula hooping during intermission.’
    • ‘I still love to hula hoop, and sing my heart out to every song Meatloaf ever recorded.’
    • ‘My hula hooping needs work perhaps I can take up SCUBA diving instruction instead?’
    • ‘The circus skills are impressive with unusual solo highlights such as hula hooping that is unforgettable, a dazzling trapeze set and great work on ropes and bungees.’
    • ‘I went to Carla's house where we hula hooped and ate un-Australian food, more hula hooping, dog walking and a booze run.’
    • ‘Right now, the 27 contestants for the American Dream Girl Calendar Contest are hula hooping in their bikinis to KC and the Sunshine Band.’
    • ‘It's like seeing an old picture of your mom in a halter top bombed out on Mai-Tais trying to hula-hoop.’