Meaning of human rights campaign in English:

human rights campaign


  • An organized course of action against the violation of human rights.

    ‘the human rights campaign has broken through the information blockade’
    • ‘It was his accounts and photographs of the genocidal treatment of native tribes that sparked the first human rights campaign helping free the Congo.’
    • ‘Many have been wonderfully supportive of our human rights campaign.’
    • ‘"This is an audacious attack on our justice system," he told a meeting in Parliament held by human rights campaign groups.’
    • ‘The legal director of the human rights campaign group said: "We defend the rights of religious groups to manifest their beliefs, even when we disagree with them."’
    • ‘A human rights campaign group has warned that diamond revenues could be used to fund violence in this year's election.’
    • ‘A human rights campaign made the symbol meant to show support for same-sex marriage as the Supreme Court tackles the issue.’
    • ‘The claims were backed up by human rights campaign groups which reported extensively on the routine use of torture.’
    • ‘He has been involved in human rights campaigns for the last decade.’
    • ‘She thinks strong links are vital to human rights campaigns in both countries.’
    • ‘She has been active in human rights campaigns initiated in her community.’