Meaning of human rights campaigner in English:

human rights campaigner


  • A person who undertakes an organized course of action against the violation of human rights.

    ‘human rights campaigners called for an international tribunal to try those allegedly involved’
    • ‘He is a tireless human rights campaigner for whom nobody, in power or otherwise, is spared from scrutiny or criticism.’
    • ‘Human rights campaigners brand it unequivocally as a massacre, but they have still to make the charge stick.’
    • ‘As if the use of force and terror against journalists wasn't enough, the police higher-ups decided to move against human rights campaigners.’
    • ‘The leading human rights campaigner says that in the first war alone more than 50,000 civilians were killed.’
    • ‘A human rights campaigner who was investigating levels of domestic violence was so shocked by what he found that he was prompted to speak out.’
    • ‘Human rights campaigners attacked the Government's continuing hard talk on asylum, warning that the rise in applications must not prompt Ministers to reduce the problem to "a numbers game".’
    • ‘Human rights campaigners argue that the case is just another example of the prosecution and courts using only partial testimonies to allow a conviction in a case that lacked material evidence.’
    • ‘Human rights campaigners have pushed for an end to the death penalty, which they say violates basic human rights and has proven ineffective in deterring drug dealing.’
    • ‘The human rights campaigner blames the high death count on the government's fixation with corporate-style targets.’
    • ‘According to human rights campaigners, they are using their new popularity to smuggle weapons and recruit the young and vulnerable.’