Meaning of humbly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌmbli/

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  • 1In a way that shows or suggests a modest or low estimate of one's importance; meekly.

    ‘the servant bowed humbly before his master’
    • ‘may I humbly suggest a solution?’
    • ‘I come to humbly beseech your assistance.’
    • ‘He was moved to humbly entreat her hand for the next dance.’
    • ‘My cousin humbly begs your pardon for his absence.’
    • ‘I humbly request that you all will keep helping me as I try to make good choices.’
    • ‘He very humbly bowed before them, and with his folded hands.’
    • ‘If you really want to save the planet, I might humbly suggest carpooling instead.’
    • ‘She will humbly thank them for their concern, but she will make the decision on her own terms and in her own time.’
    • ‘I still have to humbly respect the effort and the passion of the audiences.’
    • ‘He could have admitted an error, apologised humbly and gone back with a grain of respect left.’
    • ‘"We humbly acknowledge we were wrong about the timing," he wrote.’
  • 2In a lowly position or condition; unpretentiously.

    ‘she is living humbly in a shared house’
    • ‘The facility began humbly with a small room and two pieces of equipment, and has evolved into a spacious laboratory packed with equipment.’
    • ‘Initially employed humbly on a coasting vessel, he rose in rank: third mate, second mate, master.’
    • ‘The software tycoon urges rich people to live humbly and aid the poor.’
    • ‘He carries himself as a quiet, pious man who lives humbly.’
    • ‘We have worked humbly and tirelessly to bring civility in political discourse to the next level.’
    • ‘He's always very humbly dressed and the shoes he was wearing were not in very good shape.’
    • ‘When Bruce first encounters him, he is humbly mopping a warehouse floor.’
    • ‘I humbly served my apprenticeship.’
    • ‘When a humbly born young Edwardian woman is thrown over by the evil Lord Coining, she thinks she will starve to death.’