Main meanings of hummer in English

: hummer1Hummer2



See hum

‘Singer-songwriters, sensitive poets, hummers and strummers, whatever you call them, they are the backbone of any folk festival.’
  • ‘Demanding, but charming, the hummers would not be denied.’
  • ‘The giddy rush of buying a hummer of an album makes me happy.’
  • ‘Gallant is also not afraid to spread his wings outside the usual hummer and strummer box.’

Main meanings of Hummer in English

: hummer1Hummer2


Pronunciation /ˈhʌmə/


Trademark ; mainly North American
  • A type of four-wheel-drive all-terrain military vehicle, or a similar vehicle intended for civilian use.

    ‘Along with the troops, we can deliver trucks, their Hummers, tanks, weapons, supplies.’
    • ‘The Hummer stopped next to another dark green Jeep facing the cave mouth, and gave a quick salutatory beep.’
    • ‘Then two Hummers pulled up and discharged the no-nonsense secret service detail.’
    • ‘And, with global warming only getting worse, with us fighting wars over oil, etc., they should be stepping up production of greener vehicles, not making bigger SUVs and the hated Hummers.’
    • ‘The Hummers were backed out of the cargo hold and meticulously checked over.’


1980s from Humvee + -er.