Meaning of Humvee in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌmviː/

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Trademark ; North American
  • A type of four-wheel-drive all-terrain military vehicle.

    ‘He's at risk of getting mortared, and he has to move with the military in armored Humvees.’
    • ‘That bomb directed against U.S. military Humvees as they drove past.’
    • ‘A U.S. military convoy of Humvees came under attack just a short while ago.’
    • ‘The Marines have captured two bridges and moved hundreds of tanks, armoured vehicles, fuel trucks, Humvees and other military vehicles across them in the past few days.’
    • ‘Two days later, the ship carrying the battalion's Humvees arrived.’


1980s alteration, from the initials of high-mobility multi-purpose vehicle.