Meaning of hunter-killer in English:



  • (of a naval vessel, especially a submarine) equipped to locate and destroy enemy vessels, especially other submarines.

    ‘Modern antisubmarine warfare is conducted by three major naval platforms: hunter-killer submarines; surface ships such as frigates and destroyers; and maritime patrol aircraft.’
    • ‘Five of the Royal Navy's hunter-killer submarines have been found to be clear of the defect which forced HMS Tireless to put in at Gibraltar for repairs.’
    • ‘In addition, one of the Navy's hunter-killer nuclear submarines had also been operating in the region, paying a port visit to Bahrain earlier in the year.’
    • ‘The problem affects the fleet of 12 nuclear-powered hunter-killer submarines which carry conventional weapons.’
    • ‘The unprecedented step of checking all our hunter-killer submarines, requiring two to return to the UK, is further evidence of our commitment to nuclear safety.’