Meaning of hunting knife in English:

hunting knife

nounhunting knives

  • A large knife, typically having a sharp blade with one partially serrated edge, used to skin and cut up animals killed for food.

    ‘he was equipped with nothing but a dog and a hunting knife’
    • ‘He drew a hunting knife and stabbed the wild boar in the belly.’
    • ‘I don't have to roam the countryside with a hunting knife for our dinner.’
    • ‘He cut two tendons in his hand with a hunting knife he had received as a birthday present.’
    • ‘Egged on by her friends, who claimed her stepbrother had been spreading malicious rumours about her, she attacked him with a hunting knife.’
    • ‘The trio had bought hunting knives and a crossbow in an attempt to report on the easy availability of weapons.’
    • ‘"We display hunting knives with our hunting rifles and shotguns, along with other accessories like game calls," she said.’
    • ‘The five-inch hunting knife on his belt alarmed a member of the public so much police arrested him.’
    • ‘A good hunting knife is one of the hunter's most important tools.’
    • ‘I appreciated the advice on how to pick a good hunting knife.’
    • ‘We would sit down on a big stone wall and my grandfather would pull out his hunting knife and slice up the sausage.’