Meaning of huntress in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌntrəs/

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  • A woman who hunts.

    ‘Artemis, goddess of the moon, a virgin and a huntress’
    • ‘She is a virgin huntress and also the moon goddess.’
    • ‘At the mention of the name the huntress automatically flinched and brought her sea green eyes onto the king with faint concern.’
    • ‘‘If you really insist, I guess I can reveal myself now,’ said the huntress.’
    • ‘The shocked huntress still found this hard to believe.’
    • ‘The huntress grunted as she shoved herself onto her knees.’
    • ‘Momentarily the huntress glanced down at the floor and realized the clattering noise had come from the bag of iron she had earlier given the girl.’
    • ‘There was no answer as the huntress looked at the floor, pensive.’
    • ‘Silence still came from the dark huntress and the king grew impatient.’
    • ‘Alexia had to fight to keep the huntress within her from taking over.’
    • ‘All of a sudden the huntress stood, gently placing her already sleeping falcon on a low tree branch.’
    • ‘The unicorns were gone now, and the huntress was standing alone in the forest.’
    • ‘She fled their home in anger and joined Diana's cult in the woods as a huntress.’
    • ‘Dolly leapt into action, the huntress awakened, graceful, athletic, like a prima ballerina in a full fur coat.’
    • ‘Her senses tingled in reaction to the smell, alert, and the instincts of the huntress awoke within her.’
    • ‘In a few careful moments, the huntress came silently through the woods to her kill.’