Meaning of husband-to-be in English:


nounplural noun husbands-to-be

  • A man who is to be married; a fiancé.

    ‘she met her husband-to-be Michael while on holiday in Spain’
    • ‘She might never have left home had her husband-to-be Patrick not pestered her with repeated proposals.’
    • ‘She says in a mock Scottish accent that her husband-to-be is "gorgeous".’
    • ‘His quiet hope was that she would find her husband-to-be at this ball.’
    • ‘She was blessed by the Abbey monks before meeting her husband-to-be, James IV.’
    • ‘Charlotte worked in a factory until meeting her husband-to-be, William.’
    • ‘She has revealed how she made a terrible mistake in buying a wedding dress before meeting her husband-to-be.’
    • ‘I want to have a nice dress, and maybe get married somewhere me and my husband-to-be both liked, or someplace abroad.’
    • ‘When I met my husband-to-be, I fell head over heels in love.’
    • ‘My husband-to-be seems to be heading towards the gardens.’
    • ‘I am at the airport in New York to meet my husband-to-be, the man in the yellow shirt, the ceramics Professor, my San Miguel lover.’
    • ‘Sandra says it was love at first sight when she saw her super-fit husband-to-be at a Moroccan hotel swimming pool.’
    • ‘My stiff muscles made it difficult for me to move, so my husband-to-be came around and helped me out of the door.’
    • ‘I believe your husband-to-be would like the entire world to know of his love for you.’
    • ‘In 1503 Princess Margaret, the daughter of Henry VII, was welcomed by the monks at Newbattle before meeting her husband-to-be, King James IV.’
    • ‘She came to see me just before her wedding in December with her husband-to-be, and I was struck by her remarkable strength of character, and even cheerfulness.’
    • ‘She returned briefly to the UK in the 1970s after meeting her husband-to-be, a Mill Hill teacher on an exchange scheme, and returned to Zimbabwe with him.’
    • ‘Despite dowries being illegal in India, families are having to pay more to husbands-to-be to marry their daughters.’
    • ‘In all three cases the husbands-to-be might as well be shop mannequins, mutely looking bemused while the action unfolds around them.’
    • ‘The husbands-to-be should give the dolls to the brides as their marks of their hearts, and some couples put the doll in the front of their wedding cars.’
    • ‘To our dismay, it was already too late, the curiosity of our husbands-to-be had been aroused and there was no way that we could prevent them from viewing our mother's creations.’
    fiancée, fiancé, wife-to-be, husband-to-be, bride-to-be, future husband, future wife, prospective husband, prospective wife, prospective spouse