Meaning of hush puppies in English:

hush puppies

plural noun

  • 1

    (also Hush Puppies)
    Trademark Lightweight casual shoes made of soft suede or leather.

    ‘Pinstriped oxford shirt, brown hush puppies and wire frame glasses adorned this man who also looked in his mid thirties.’
    • ‘He removed her hushpuppies and replaced each of them with a white in-line skate.’
    • ‘The hush puppies are very comfy.’
  • 2US Small cakes of maize dough which are quickly deep-fried.

    ‘In the southern states catfish fillets are usually dredged in cornmeal and fried, to be served with hush puppy and coleslaw.’
    • ‘Quenelles are more appropriate to a fine-dining dinner plate than the classic spoon-dropped hush puppy, but the winning recipe was too moist to hold a quenelle shape.’
    • ‘They have the smoothness of a beignet, the heft of a hush puppy, and they're spiced with cayenne pepper and little shreds of Italian ham.’
    • ‘Breaking open a hush puppy, the boy seemed embarrassed yet proud of his grandfather's praise.’