Meaning of hustler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌslə/

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informal mainly North American
  • 1A person adept at aggressive selling or illicit dealing.

    • ‘small-time hustlers trying to sell their stuff’
    • ‘In his world of small-time hustlers, there's always somebody with a new angle to work or a new beef to settle.’
    • ‘He's a thief, hustler, scamster, con man, who enjoys ripping off friends, family, waiters, old ladies, etc.’
    • ‘I shall meet some con men and hustlers, too, I suppose.’
    • ‘After a bit of staggering between bars and buses, we were missing the attention of the local hasslers, and were plotting on better ways of dealing with touts and hustlers.’
    • ‘For years, I had identified with what I saw in my community: the gang members, drug dealers, street hustlers and even the winos sitting in the alley.’
    • ‘The origin was unknown to everyone; even the hustlers that sold it.’
    • ‘What a hustler or conman is looking for in a victim, we are very usefully told, is not stupidity but loneliness.’
    • ‘I've got money, I've got a good home, I've got friendship in all walks of life and I'm neither a pimp, nor a hustler, nor a thief, nor a liar.’
    • ‘Beginning by interviewing addicts and small time hustlers, her determination to root out the cause of the problem lead to confrontation with the inner circle of violent drug barons.’
    • ‘I wandered the streets, being offered every illegal drug on the market by hustlers.’
    • ‘Another product of the streets, at twenty Sarah's resume included the occupations of thief, hustler, pick pocket and prostitute.’
    • ‘The self-labeled hustler tries to sell electric toothbrushes.’
    • ‘The boy isn't just homeless; he's also a hustler and dealer, and it is easy to see where Suzette's life is headed when the two begin dating.’
    • ‘If a driver stops to engage street hustlers and the car is from outside the neighborhood, the car's owner may receive an anonymous letter.’
    • ‘The hustlers and street kids are rough and do things that are illegal, but they care for each other and they aren't viewed as immoral.’
    • ‘But I've dealt with plenty of street hustlers, and they always have an angle going.’
    • ‘Then, on his way home after work late on Christmas Eve, he encounters a street hustler who turns out to be an angel of sorts.’
    • ‘The street hustlers and prostitutes were nervous about the police, but took the view that you had to keep to the rules.’
    • ‘Street hustlers and gang members, far from rejecting traditional roles, continue to aspire to a situation where they can raise their children in economic and emotional security.’
    • ‘Far from being elitist, this song hails even the so-called socially deviant members of society such as hustlers who perch on street corners.’
    criminal, lawbreaker, offender, villain, black hat, delinquent, malefactor, culprit, wrongdoer, transgressor, sinner
  • 2A prostitute.

    • ‘When he was a teenager, he lived on the street as a hustler and prostitute.’
    • ‘I didn't get any of that working with the pimps, or the hustlers.’
    • ‘For instance, in Brazil professional and amateur hustlers constitute different groups, where the latter usually do not identify as hustlers.’
    • ‘There I was on the street, I looked around and I had been observing the hustlers only for a few moments when I assumed the stance.’
    • ‘The play itself gives me more than enough information without having to go talk to hustlers and see how they actually live.’