Meaning of hutia in English:


Pronunciation /hʌˈtiːə/


  • A rodent resembling a cavy, with short legs and tail, found only in the Caribbean.

    Family Capromyidae: two genera, in particular Capromys, and several species, some of which are now extinct

    ‘It was said to be slightly larger than a hutia and was a source of food for natives.’
    • ‘The most visible animal on the base is the hutia, known as the ‘banana rat’ by residents here.’
    • ‘This nocturnal hutia feeds on roots, bark, shoots, fruit, and foliage of many different plants.’
    • ‘The fur of hutias is generally brownish or greyish in colouration.’
    • ‘Studies in Central America have shown that animals, like hutia, are attracted to gardens because they offer choice foods.’


Mid 16th century from Spanish, from Taino huti, cuti.