Meaning of hybrid vigour in English:

hybrid vigour


mass nounGenetics
  • The tendency of a cross-bred individual to show qualities superior to those of both parents.

    Also called heterosis

    ‘The molecular basis of hybrid vigor has remained unknown despite the importance of this phenomenon in evolution and in practical breeding programs.’
    • ‘The causes of inbreeding depression and the converse phenomenon of heterosis or hybrid vigor remain poorly understood despite their scientific and agricultural importance.’
    • ‘Utilization of hybrid vigor or heterosis has been successful in cross-pollinated crops, of which maize is a primary example.’
    • ‘This phenomenon is commonly denoted as midparent heterosis of hybrid vigor.’
    • ‘We therefore think that the results are more easily explained if immigrant genes are selectively favored, for instance, by hybrid vigor, which has been shown for one of the metapopulations.’