Meaning of hydatidiform mole in English:

hydatidiform mole

Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪdəˈtɪdɪfɔːm/


  • A cluster of fluid-filled sacs formed in the uterus by the degeneration of chorionic tissue around an aborting embryo.

    ‘In essence, the entity would be more analogous to a tissue culture or a hydatidiform mole than to an embryo.’
    • ‘Five patients were diagnosed with a choriocarcinoma, 7 patients were diagnosed with a hydatidiform mole, and 8 patients were diagnosed with invasive mole.’
    • ‘I think we have a hydatidiform mole to curette.’
    • ‘The current case was due to the second mechanism, in which one fertilization resulted in a partial hydatidiform mole and the other a normal co-twin.’
    • ‘Therefore it was interpreted that in this twin pregnancy one twin was a complete hydatidiform mole.’