Meaning of hydration in English:


Pronunciation /hʌɪˈdreɪʃ(ə)n/


mass noun
  • 1The process of causing something to absorb water.

    ‘the human body requires adequate hydration to function properly’
    • ‘samples with different hydration levels’
    • ‘All dancers require extra hydration throughout the day.’
    • ‘A Phoenix-based software-programming shop is developing physiological monitors that would monitor everything from core body temperature to hydration levels.’
    • ‘Natural treatment methods include changes to environment and diet, hydration and rest, vitamins, herbs and antioxidants, and regular physical activity.’
    • ‘Both men and women typically notice an improvement in skin softness, hydration, tone and overall appearance.’
    • ‘Keeping up his nutrition and hydration during climbs is paramount.’
    • ‘Diseases that affect the lungs, posture, and hydration can affect the voice.’
    • ‘Maintain good hydration and avoid drying out the patient's skin.’
    • ‘They said runners should find their best level of hydration by weighing themselves before and after training runs.’
    • ‘Family physicians should remind patients of the importance of hydration and leg movements during flights.’
    • ‘It's crucial for athletes to strike the proper balance when it comes to hydration.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry The process of combining a substance chemically with water molecules.
      ‘the hydration of carbon dioxide’
      • ‘Industrially ethanol is now frequently manufactured by the catalytic hydration of ethene.’
      • ‘Extra hydration makes it easier for the molecule to assume the lowest-energy configuration.’
      • ‘The effects of the protein's environment on the overall shape of the protein are also dependent on the hydration of the protein.’
      • ‘Many of the hydrating water molecules on the peptide need to be released due to a restricted space for hydration by the nearby lipid molecules.’
      • ‘The measured radius is influenced by the asymmetric shape and hydration of the protein molecule.’