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plural noun

  • 1usually treated as singular The branch of science and technology concerned with the conveyance of liquids through pipes and channels, especially as a source of mechanical force or control.

    ‘The first volume covered dynamics, mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, aerostatics, and pneumatics.’
    • ‘Cooper says customers are now looking for more support and not just commissioning products and then outsourcing support for hydraulics, manufacturing and mechanical engineering.’
    • ‘In his lifetime he contributed much in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics, architecture, engineering, and natural history.’
    • ‘This work was to be in four parts, arithmetic, geometry, mechanics, and hydraulics.’
    • ‘The 16 week training programme covered subjects such as the use of breathing apparatus, first aid, hydraulics, chemistry, physics, building construction and basic fire safety.’
  • 2Hydraulic systems or forces.

    ‘the lift is driven by hydraulics’
    • ‘More complex systems utilize hydraulics and computers.’
    • ‘They are particularly impressed by the hydraulics on the machine.’
    • ‘The dump body is made of industrial-weight polyethylene, and the drive system uses a winch rather than costly hydraulics.’
    • ‘If the hydraulics or brakes fail, that jet would start to move across the flight deck and could go over the side.’
    • ‘All indications regarding engine operation, hydraulics and electrics appeared normal as the two aircraft prepared to taxi.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the landing gear was already down and locked, but without hydraulics he would not have use of speed brakes or flaps for his return to the field.’
    • ‘Most of them already know how to weld, they know electric motors and hydraulics.’
    • ‘These systems are all-electric, using a computer-controlled motor to replace the more common engine-driven hydraulics on conventional power steering.’
    • ‘Electronic monitoring of engines and hydraulics and diagnosing problems also are helping lower repair bills.’
    • ‘The hydraulics for the No.1 engine had less than two gallons remaining.’
    • ‘I quickly scanned the instruments and assessed all was well with the engines and hydraulics.’
    • ‘Having the necessary power and hydraulics available might be the first challenge to meet when you want to expand the capability of your excavator.’
    • ‘One year, for example, the temperatures clipped so low that the hydraulics on the aircraft due to fly them back froze - even worse, so did the alcohol on-board.’
    • ‘Adjustable platforms were installed lineside that can be raised or lowered using under-floor hydraulics.’
    • ‘However, as the hydraulics on the right side began to fall off line, I was warned of a right leading-edge-flap lockout.’
    • ‘It's basically the same as the manual gearbox, but electronically controlled hydraulics operate the clutch and the gearchange for you so there's no need for a clutch pedal anymore.’
    • ‘There are usually warm-up times for instruments, flight controls, hydraulics, accessory cases, etc.’
    • ‘And it was not just new mechanical power and hydraulics that made the difference.’
    • ‘The ferry was to have gone for its annual overhaul in March, but mechanical faults involving the hydraulics of one of the ship's propeller shafts made the work more pressing.’
    • ‘Then there's the shockwave, a phenomenon of such ferocity that it jams the hydraulics and freezes the controls.’



/hʌɪˈdrɔːlɪks/ /hʌɪˈdrɒlɪks/