Meaning of hydria in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪdrɪə/

nounplural noun hydriae, plural noun hydriai

  • An ancient Greek pitcher with three handles.

    ‘Based on evidence from this narrow context of the wedding and its related symposia, a conclusion that the hydria played a role in more ordinary symposia is plausible.’
    • ‘The rareness of the composition of the main scene on the Reading hydria caught the attention of scholars, and it is indeed unusual.’
    • ‘Although the documents that accompanied the hydria identify it as ‘London 1519.69,’ it was not demonstrably ever part of a major museum collection there.’
    • ‘Although the floor in the south part of the room was eroded, a fragmentary hydria and krater found among the artifacts lying against the bedrock outcrop may originally have been sitting directly on the floor.’
    • ‘Miniature vessels for carrying water (especially small hydriai) or vessels for grain predominate among the small ceramic objects.’


Via Latin from Greek hudria.