Meaning of hydrofracturing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪdrəʊˌfraktʃərɪŋ/


another term for hydraulic fracturing
‘Generally after hydrofracturing, the water will remain murky and will take a few days to clear.’
  • ‘A successful hydrofracturing allows the yield to increase from few tens of percent to more than hundred percent.’
  • ‘This method is highly effective in making hydrofracturing more successful by removing debris that may block the effectiveness of the injection of high-pressure, high-volume water.’
  • ‘If the well is 700-1,000 feet deep, then hydrofracturing is generally chosen.’
  • ‘So over the past four years, we've built that bridge; the drillers understand that hydrofracturing is a legitimate and productive technology.’