Meaning of hydrographically in English:


Pronunciation /hʌɪdrəˈɡrafɪk(ə)li/


See hydrography

‘This area experiences large seasonal fluctuations in climate, and is also hydrographically complex.’
  • ‘These fluids are thought to be saline brines derived from syntectonic, hydrographically closed, arid basins.’
  • ‘The Point is hydrographically unique, being the only area along the U.S. East Cast where several major currents collide in such a complicated way.’
  • ‘This hydrographically closed lake of western Nevada thus represents a place to ‘test’ the drought hypothesis.’
  • ‘Oysters only occur in the hydrographically semi-closed lagoons behind barrier beaches in eastern Florida, where larval dispersal is predicted to be small-scale, bidirectional and follow a stepping-stone pattern.’