Meaning of hydronium ion in English:

hydronium ion

Pronunciation /hʌɪˈdrəʊnɪəm/


another term for hydroxonium ion
‘Some examples of positively charged electrophiles are the hydronium ion, nitronium ions, metal ions, and carbocations.’
  • ‘In response to that stress, the conjugate base reacts with the hydronium ion, producing more carbon dioxide which is removed from the system by increasing respiration.’
  • ‘Metals high on the activity series react more vigorously with oxidants including the halogens and the hydronium ion than those lower on the scale.’
  • ‘Instead of floating free, hydrogen ions combine with water molecules to produce a positively charged hydronium ion.’
  • ‘A hydronium ion, however, disrupts this structure because it can accommodate a maximum of three hydrogen bonds.’


Early 20th century hydronium, from German (a contraction).