Meaning of hydrotherapy in English:



  • 1mass noun The use of exercises in a pool as part of treatment for conditions such as arthritis.

    as modifier ‘a hydrotherapy pool’
    • ‘Physiotherapy involves a range of treatments, including manipulation, massage, exercise, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy.’
    • ‘A pool for hydrotherapy, which is extremely popular with the children, is very beneficial for un-coordinated muscular tone.’
    • ‘Part of my rehab after the injury was to get in a pool for hydrotherapy.’
    • ‘The rehabilitation program included stretching, spinal flexibility exercises, spinal stabilization exercises, aerobic exercise, and hydrotherapy.’
    • ‘Cash will also go towards giving him all the medical care he needs such as speech therapy and hydrotherapy.’
  • 2

    another term for hydropathy

    • ‘These included nature cure, fasting, hydrotherapy, colonics, exercise, diet emphasizing raw foods and vegetarianism.’
    • ‘Other forms of treatment may include yoga or Pilates, homeopathic and herbal remedies, hydrotherapy and acupuncture.’
    • ‘A more extreme treatment is colonic irrigation, also called colonic hydrotherapy.’
    • ‘There are also illustrations showing how people used to cure neurasthenia through hydrotherapy.’