Meaning of hydrothermal in English:


Pronunciation /hʌɪdrə(ʊ)ˈθəːm(ə)l/


  • Relating to or denoting the action of heated water in the earth's crust.

    ‘It contains structures called hydrothermal (hot water) vents, which spew superheated fluids into the seawater.’
    • ‘Because hydrothermal water is rich in certain metals, like manganese, an increase in the concentration in a sample can point to a vent.’
    • ‘Some scientists lump ocean water with meteoric, whereas others regard it as a separate type of water in hydrothermal systems.’
    • ‘Vein gold is deposited by hot subterranean water known as a hydrothermal fluid.’
    • ‘Upward migration of heated hydrothermal fluids along fault planes may have been aided by seismic pumping.’
    • ‘‘This is the first deep-sea hydrothermal community ever discovered that is dominated by eels’ said Young.’
    • ‘There aren't any chemical signs that the recent warming stems from increased undersea hydrothermal activity in the region, says Freeland.’
    • ‘The hydrothermal fluid introduced only small amounts of water and alkali elements (such as sodium and potassium).’
    • ‘A recent survey along a midocean ridge beneath the Arctic icepack unveiled an unexpected abundance of hydrothermal activity.’
    • ‘The original minerals in these rocks have been altered to new minerals by chemical replacement through interaction with the ore-forming hydrothermal fluids.’
    • ‘‘But four billion years ago a dominant source was impact-generated hydrothermal systems,’ Kling said.’
    • ‘Bulgaria is famous around the world for the uniqueness, variety and abundance of its hydrothermal, bioclimatic, mud treatment, sea cure, and other health resources.’
    • ‘We discovered the first hydrothermal field, or vent area, and associated vent ecosystem in the Atlantic Ocean - still one of the largest such fields known.’
    • ‘In particular, in convective cooling the fluids that infiltrate the rocks lead to extensive thermal metamorphism and hydrothermal alteration in comparison with pure conductive cooling.’
    • ‘The chemical nature of these hydrothermal solutions was determined by the composition of the basalt, the length of contact with the basalt, and the temperature.’
    • ‘In the crystallization sequence from hydrothermal solutions, calcite is typically a late and low-temperature crystallizing mineral.’
    • ‘Rapid ascent of hydrothermal fluids derived from shallow-metamorphic and deep-burial diagenetic settings is well known from many sedimentary basins.’
    • ‘Scientists plot such data to identify the signature of a hydrothermal plume - a geothermal phenomenon that indicates the presence of an underwater vent.’
    • ‘This can be due to increasing confining pressure (mechanical compaction), tectonic stress in impervious sediments or hydrothermal activity.’
    • ‘Alpine-cleft deposits develop in an existing open gash in which hydrothermal fluid infiltrates and recrystallizes the surrounding rock.’