Meaning of hydrozoan in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪdrəˈzəʊən/


  • A coelenterate of the class Hydrozoa, such as a hydra or Portuguese man-of-war.

    ‘The difference between most hydrozoans and most scyphozoans is that in hydrozoans, the polyp stage usually predominates, with the medusa small or sometimes absent.’
    • ‘There are three subgroups within the cnidarians that have medusae, cubozoans, hydrozoans, and scyphozoans.’
    • ‘Scyphozoan medusae differ from those of hydrozoans in lacking a velum.’
    • ‘Hatchlings will feed on macroplankton, small snails, crustaceans and other invertebrates such as hydrozoans and jellies.’
    • ‘Most hydrozoans alternate between a polyp and a medusa stage - they spend part of their lives as ‘jellyfish’ which are hard to distinguish from scyphozoan jellyfish.’


  • Relating to or denoting hydrozoans.

    ‘Getting hooked up with an animal like Donax seemed a very clever trick of hydrozoan evolution.’
    • ‘Many hydrozoan species perform large vertical diel migrations, which may bring individuals together in spawning aggregations.’
    • ‘The pinnacle of hydrozoan colonial complexity can be found in members of the Family Siphonophora.’
    • ‘Hydrozoan colonies display a diverse array of forms.’
    • ‘Porpita is a member of a small but very widespread group of hydrozoan cnidarians, the Chondrophorina.’