Significado de hymn book en en inglés

hymn book


  • A book containing the words of a collection of hymns.

    ‘please stand and turn to hymn number 645 in your hymn books’
    • ‘I gave them the hymn book and the order of service for the funeral that Jane and I had planned a week before.’
    • ‘The preacher who has converted Jack keeps him on the straight and narrow as best he can by letting him collect hymn books at the end of services and even counsel some of his troubled flock.’
    • ‘She frowned slightly at the clock as she shoved her hymn book into her bag and grabbed her keys before running out the door.’
    • ‘Next to the lute is an open hymn book, identifiable as the work of the great religious reformer Martin Luther.’
    • ‘His one-man open air services, standing with hymn book in hand, delivering sermons in his booming voice, became well-known throughout the town.’
    • ‘The music wasn't exactly out of the hymn book but there was plenty of soul in St. John's Anglican Church.’
    • ‘She has already helped several local charities, including her local church, which managed to buy new hymn books after one of her walks.’
    • ‘The head of the school took action after finding it impossible to buy new hymn books to replace the old ones, which were falling apart.’
    • ‘These traditional hymn books contain 108 hymns, traditional songs, and carols.’