Meaning of hymnology in English:


Pronunciation /hɪmˈnɒlədʒi/


mass noun
  • The study or composition of hymns.

    ‘Few folk have any knowledge of, or interest in, the rich tradition of hymnology represented by people like Watts, Wesley, Newton and Toplady.’
    • ‘Presidential speeches are even misusing both scripture and hymnology by changing their meaning for the purposes of American power.’
    • ‘His illustrative material is widely drawn; and of particularly note is his rich use of hymnology.’
    • ‘The language of hymnology has often been strongly biblical, especially in the compositions of John and Charles Wesley and Isaac Watts.’
    • ‘He taught hymnology in the school of music on occasion and in his first year taught ‘Sunday School pedagogy’ and ‘Christian sociology.’’
    • ‘John Spencer, in turn, has issued a call for a new ethnic hymnology.’
    • ‘Among the most popular recording acts to use this revised hymnology is Indelible Grace, based out of Nashville, Tennessee.’


Mid 17th century originally from Greek humnologia ‘hymn-singing’, the early sense until the mid 19th century.