Meaning of hyperbolic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪpəˈbɒlɪk/

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  • 1Relating to a hyperbola.

    ‘In other words, in the hyperbolic disc the rectangles needed for the argument simply do not exist.’
    • ‘I mean I liked it as much as I like finding the centres, vertices, foci, and asymptotes of various hyperbolic graphs.’
    • ‘Whereas hyperbolic activity and elliptic motion characterizes the cab, a big rig manifests an elliptic activity and hyperbolic motion.’
    • ‘Recently, inspired by an article on artistic representations of the hyperbolic plane, McIntyre tried a slightly different approach.’
    • ‘Any object with a parabolic or hyperbolic trajectory moves so fast that it will never return.’
    • ‘Many people are familiar with Escher's endless staircases, hyperbolic tilings, Möbius ants, intricate tessellations, and other creations.’
    • ‘It didn't stop there: other celestial objects, such as certain comets, were found to move along hyperbolic orbits.’
    • ‘Other examples will be given later in the paper when we discuss packings in hyperbolic spaces.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics Denoting trigonometrical functions defined with reference to a hyperbola rather than a circle.
      ‘In fact, it corresponds to the graph of a function called the hyperbolic cosine.’
      • ‘See this issue's mystery mix for a comparison of Euclidean, hyperbolic, and spherical geometry.’
      • ‘He studied time dependent hyperbolic partial differential equations and also began to work on the Cauchy problem.’
      • ‘Today we call these three geometries Euclidean, hyperbolic, and absolute.’
      • ‘In this net, the input and output layers are linear, and the hidden layer has neurons with a hyperbolic tangent transfer function.’
  • 2(of language) deliberately exaggerated.

    ‘Amazingly enough, the tone of the article is a throwback to the hyperbolic language of the boom.’
    • ‘Avoid hyperbolic language and narration that pump air into stories that have no real substance.’
    • ‘They should answer hyperbolic attacks with exaggerated speech of their own, if that's what it takes to stave off political annihilation.’
    • ‘I know that I have exaggerated or made hyperbolic the abuse in my family when talking about it tangentially, either out of black humor or bitterness.’
    • ‘Although this language sounds hyperbolic, it was by no means atypical of audience responses.’
    • ‘Orlando communicates with Shel in a secret language of hyperbolic expressive power.’
    • ‘For example, Sir William's hyperbolic language lends itself to hyperbolic gestures that contribute to the comic business of his scenes.’
    • ‘In an extravagant, hyperbolic and amusing oration, he asked the question: ‘Why write?’’
    • ‘I mean, in the media, all the time, the thing that we're most interested in is the most sensational, the most hyperbolic.’
    • ‘Here again, this rhetoric is inflated, hyperbolic and unjustified.’
    • ‘Is it excessively hyperbolic to call them worthless scum?’
    • ‘A frustrated thespian, he enjoyed delivering long-winded, hyperbolic, and melodramatic speeches that rolled off his tongue in a rich bass voice.’
    • ‘Part of what makes his doubts hyperbolic is that their extravagance renders them unlikely to dislodge our existing beliefs.’
    • ‘Kurosawa's, by contrast, exaggerate the theme, casting it in the hyperbolic terms of a dread-inducing and sometimes even apocalyptic horror.’
    • ‘A hyperbolic citation reiterates a normative notion in an exaggerated way in order to simultaneously work against it.’
    overstated, overemphasized, inflated, magnified, amplified, aggrandized, excessive, hyperbolic, over-elaborate, overdone, overripe, overplayed, overdramatized, theatrical, dramatic, actorly, highly coloured, extravagant, melodramatic, sensational, sensationalist, sensationalistic