Meaning of hyperbolical in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhʌɪpəˈbɒlɪk(ə)l/


See hyperbole

‘According to the publisher's hyperbolical publicity, the book covers ‘every aspect’ of Western medical history.’
  • ‘Even if one goes so far as to say that the use of flashlight powder is ‘dangerous’, it is hyperbolical to describe it as ‘extra-hazardous’.’
  • ‘Earlier this year a legendary figure in the hyperbolical world of ‘supermarket’ tabloids, the inimitable Eddie Clontz, died.’
  • ‘But in neither of those propositions does one find the "I" which, for Descartes, was the necessary bastion against hyperbolical doubt.’
  • ‘Her portrait of her runaway ex-husband Tadeusz is equally hyperbolical.’