Meaning of hyperdrive in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌɪpədrʌɪv/


mass noun
  • 1(in science fiction) a propulsion system for travel in hyperspace.

    ‘I slammed the ship into hyperdrive’
    • ‘Mark may not be able to handle a hyperdrive’
    • ‘I know more about starship engines and hyperdrives than I ever wanted to know.’
    • ‘Take up screening positions around Nova Fortress and have your hyperdrives slaved to ours.’
    • ‘Propulsion was handled by four cold-fusion engines and the hyperdrive systems were prototype units.’
    • ‘It is the hyperdrive that enables vessels to travel at faster-than-light speeds, which amazes my people.’
    • ‘Sir, it will take a few minutes to prime the hyperdrive, and the Helio-Fighters are dropping on ammo.’
    1. 1.1A state of great or frantic activity.
      ‘the proliferation of house music subgenres has gone into hyperdrive’
      • ‘It seems to have gone into Christmas hyperdrive already, even down to the level of Christmas spice scented toilet cleaner in festive red bottles.’
      • ‘It also got my salivary glands into hyperdrive with its description of all the extra goodies included in the re-release.’
      • ‘And Gates responded by putting his company into hyperdrive.’
      • ‘Sports media have gone into hyperdrive to assess this confounding hybrid of the most widely viewed of all American institutions.’
      • ‘Your nerves are in hyperdrive because you're constantly looking for an attack.’
      • ‘The industry went into hyperdrive, everyone trying to get projects into production in time for the seemingly inevitable actor's strike.’
      • ‘Guilty of blasting the anime craze into hyperdrive here in the U.S., Robotech remains a classic of the genre that is deserving of its reputation.’
      • ‘The information revolution may have made this possible, but it's the advent of wireless communication that put it in hyperdrive.’
      • ‘The last week of school was supposed to be spent reviewing and taking it easy, not kicking it into hyperdrive.’
      • ‘Some players seem to be on autopilot until the last five minutes, then suddenly launch into hyperdrive and play their hearts out for the victory.’
      • ‘Our team kicked into hyperdrive the last couple months of the 2001 season.’
      • ‘It has stayed in hyperdrive since, which is why I eat so much.’
      • ‘The implications of working in this kind of hyperdrive - in Dell time - are profound.’


1950s from hyper-+ drive.